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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a deposit required?

A credit card number or a check is required as a "hold" for the deposit amount of $200. Private event bookings are not guaranteed until both the hold for the deposit and a signed event contract have been received. We do not charge the deposit at the time of booking; it is only charged in the event of a cancellation, within a 30-day window of the reserved date.

What is your cancellation policy?

*Events cancelled at least 30 days in advance of the event will not be charged for the deposit.

*Events cancelled 7 to 29 days in advance of the event will be charged half of the $200 deposit ($100 charge).

*Events cancelled within 7 days of the event will be charged the full deposit amount of $200. This amount will be charged to the credit card or check provided within your event contract.

Is there a charge to book an event?

Yes, our venue fee is a 5% charge, calculated from the subtotal of the event (before tax & gratuity). This venue fee is applied to the party host/hostess tab if your guests will be on separate checks, and will be calculated from the group's collective subtotal.

Is there a food & beverage minimum?

Yes. Our minimums do vary depending upon date, time frame and season:

Wine Room: Morning & Afternoon Events

Monday - Thursday: $300 food & beverage minimum

Friday - Sunday: $500 food & beverage minimum

Wine Room: Evening Events

Sunday - Wednesday: $500 food & beverage minimum

Thursday: $650 food & beverage minimum

Friday - Saturday: $1500 food & beverage minimum

Holiday Season: Wine Room: Morning & Afternoon Events

Monday - Friday: $300 food & beverage minimum

Saturday - Sunday: $500 food & beverage minimum

Holiday Season: Wine Room: Evening Events

Sunday - Wednesday: $500 food & beverage minimum

Thursday: $650 food & beverage minimum

Friday - Saturday: $2000 food & beverage minimum

*Food & beverage minimums vary for our semi-private Fireside Lounge, and for Full Lounge, Patio or Main Dining Room buyouts. Because these are all areas which would normally be seated with several tables/turns throughout the duration of a prospective event, minimum amounts may be higher than our private Wine Room minimums, as this room is used solely for private events.

What if my group doesn't reach the minimum?

If the final subtotal does not reach the required food & beverage minimum for your event, the remaining balance of the minimum may be met with additional purchase of food and/or beverage (this can include to-go food and bottles of wine purchased to take home). Otherwise the remaining balance may be charged as an "unmet minimum" fee. Gift cards may not be purchased to fulfill an unmet minimum.

When is final guest count due?

A guaranteed guest count is required no later than 3 days prior to the event for ordering and staffing purposes. We allow a 3-guest leeway from the confirmed guest count, if not all confirmed guests are able to attend. After the 3-guest leeway, you will be charged for any additional absent guests. If a final guest count is not provided by the due date, we will assume that the original guest count given at the time of booking is your confirmed number of guests attending.

When are menu & bar selections due?

All final menu/catering and bar selections are required no later than 7 days prior to the scheduled date of your event. If menu & bar selections are not received before this due date, some items may not be available


Can my group order from the regular menu?

Parties with fewer than 20 guests are welcome to order from our full, regular menus. Any parties of 20 guests or more are required to select from a set event menu, or a limited menu.

Are any linens and/or decorations provided?

Yes! We provide white linen napkins, your choice of white or black tablecloths, and your choice of color from our table runners that we have in-house. Tea light candles are also available upon request. If you would like a special color for napkins or tablecloths, we can order them for you at an additional cost. You are welcome to bring in special centerpieces and/or floral arrangements if you would like.

Is anything personalized for my event?

Yes - we will provide customized menus that can include a personalized title, logo or photo. Custom welcome signs, and drink tickets are also available if needed. Custom place cards for assigned seating are available for an additional cost.


Do you have any Audio Visual equipment?

Yes, we do have a screen and projector available for presentations for a $75 A/V charge.

If you have a question not listed here, please call our event coordinators at 816-505-3200.

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